Oct 3, 2014

the Song of Fall

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Winter and summer are two seasons that have songs clearly associated with the time period. But are there any songs that remind you of fall?

"Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they are falling like they are falling in love with the ground"
 -Andrea Gibson

After the long heavy rains, it comes the autumn, swiping off its footprints. All the land and air dried up. It’s heading towards the end of the year or to a cold shivery winter. Above we see dry floating clouds often shedding few drops during nights. Days being hot and dry but nights are chilling. Trees are bare, shedding all the leaves, making a pavement for the new season. It apparently looks like melancholy everywhere, but they know there is a spring in the ebb and flow of life. Though it can’t escape out of this, they make golden savings for a wonderful time ahead.

There are many songs that remind me about a fall, fall in the sense of autumn of our lives. The one that first comes in mind is Coldplay's Paradise because autumn is just like a girl who dreams of spring and always like to fly away. She does not recognize that  it is the heaven on earth,where the land is covered with gold and magenta as if nature has laid a red carpet. So just remove the preoccupations and lets move on...

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  1. i just lovee walking of the crisp ye;;owed leaves, like you are walking over your past towards a fresh season! Coldplay's Yellow is really nice..will watch this one too! thanks for sharing :)

    1. yes, ofcourse.. yellow is a good choice. :)

  2. Enjoyed this post ...Autumn has an unique charm .Just like you have said the land is covered with gold and magenta.also the appreciation of melancholy that pervades and the optimism of a spring in waiting. The comparison of autumn to the autumn in a person's life is the best part .Ebbs and tides are inherent part of anybody''s life. When you look out for a meaning in our lives , it's hard to give one . Arguably , life is a pursuit of happiness .Im just reliving the thought of Chris Gardner . How did Thomas Jefferson know to put the 'pursuit ' part in Declaration of American Independence and not simply happiness. That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue and maybe we can actually never have it no matter what ....even if we reach a point of happiness , it will be short lived ..either we lose the thing that brought us happiness or we stop appreciating the state of being happy ... Happiness is a relative experience as it turns out ...so life can be simplified as a pursuit of happiness with autumn and spring intervening...............However , I never expected that the song of the fall would be Coldplay's Paradise.I might have listened this song a thousand times already but never did I relate it in the way you did until now.i understood the song as a girl's dreams and expectations which eventually shatters .but she discovers relief in her fantasies and dreams yet again ..and yeah , I can sir it through your eyes now...All I understood is that optimism is an integral part of your writing .There were many posts already that explored optimism and engage the concept that whatever might happen ,life must move on... Kudos for that..it also gives the impression that there are a lot of things that worries you and hardships you have to tide over.it give away the feeling that you are suffering from depression..or u just had a bout of it ..however , a person like you with such spirit of optimism will always succeed and survive ........good thing is that sometimes , mild depression and mood swings brings out the artist in people......I think I m digging in so much ........Yellow is a great song ..Try Coldplay's Fix You ...I love this song so much for its brilliant lyrics , equally wonderful music that has a melancholic feel ,a kind of mystic ability to heal and optimism and warmth of care ............try some haiku sometime soon..

    1. I'm happy to know you have enjoyed the post and I'm sorry for late reply, my modem was dead! I too agree with the thought that, life really is the pursuit of happiness with various seasons intervening. I'm soo happy for your comment and I feel your understandings towards me, my blog and life, true indeed.;) But I love to see everything in optimist's eye :) ;) And what you told about mood swings in the making of artists is absolutely right.:D . Your suggestions are always welcome. I would try Coldplays' Fix you..because I had a like for it :)
      My haikus are on the way. :)
      Visit again.. :) Happy blogging :) Happy autumn :)

  3. Good . Musical experience is subjective , has cultural underpinnings and also owes something to emotional memory . The song that comes in my mind is Implosive Silence by A R Rahman from the bollywood movie Highway .After Rockstar , rahman could not give an album that had all the flavours to satisfy the appetite of a serious music buff for almost two years , but ended the drought with this album . Though the entire soundtrack is beautiful and worth many hours of repeated listening , personally I love implosive silence . And this song remained in my playlist even after I revised and refreshed it with new songs .in other words , stood the test of time successfully . Can't say what makes it so special . I feel that it has lifted liberally from the themes of the music project Enigma or has derived inspiration from it. And the song escalates to a much higher realm of ambient , new age ,ethereal musical experience with the signature touch of rahman . For me the song has some dim glow initially with ensuing optimism and a brighter tone ..sometimes we need not toke to have synesthesia , music grows in us to manipulate the senses . Keep updating your good thoughts ..cheers


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