Mar 14, 2014

lucky red seeds

During the recent past, I found that I had lost interest towards watching movies. Don’t know, why such a change!!!I could remember that during childhood days I used to fight for television remote for watching movies and I had watched about 6 films per day. At last all those movie characters appear before me during sleep in the night, making everything confusing and sometimes But now, when it come about discussing a movie, I feel like..ohh.. why all these stupidities.!!!Because of this attitude, there are so many good film left unseen by me and I could not even take part in such kind of discussions happening during friendly talks.
But when the time comes like I have absolutely nothing to do with... and the last resort is a film means, I will try watching it. Such a situation hit me few months back, and I sat down with laptop to watch the movie called “Manjadikkuru”, by Anjali Menon, 2012, which had bagged so many awards of the year.
It’s actually focusing the true village life of good olden times through the eyes of kids. It has all the innocence, cuteness, and goodness of people on one side and ego, envy, loneliness, pain and poverty on the other.
I really had a good time throughout and when it was the end, my mind was full. Such a cute realistic movie it is. Many of the scenes looked like happened for me in my childhood days and therefore I was happy, I got some lively scenes before me. Heart touching indeed :)
Anjali Menon, director of the film has done a very good job and a warm applause to the creative side. Here am sharing the website of “Manjadikkuru,the lucky red seeds”

Anjali Menon
About "Manjadikkuru" :
Directed by      :      Anjali Menon
Produced by    :     Vinod Menon, Anjali Menon
ScreenPlay by :      Anjali Menon
Narrated by    :      Prithviraj
Starring          :      Sidharth, Vyjayanthi, Rejosh, Arathi Sasikumar
                                Rahman, Urvasi
Music              :      Ramesh Narayan, Francois Gamaury(bgm),
                                Kavalam Narayana Panikkar (lyrics)
Cinematography: Pietro Zuecher
Studio             :      Little Films
Distribution   :      August Cinema
Release year  :      2012
Duration        :      2 hours
Language       :     Malayalam

As far as I am considered, this one is my all time favorite and its after a long time, I found watching a film to be
 worthy and wonderful. :)

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  1. true!! this film have some nostalgic scenes which gives us so much of memories!!! such an awesome movie me too love it!!

  2. Ya Its really touching dear and somewhere painful. Am thankful to you for this film.


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