Nov 23, 2012

CorRELATION: Kangaroo & Me

You guys will find this funny, thinking what can be the relation between me and kangaroo..:D  if it was an “ape and me”, you could have correlated like, apes are our great ancestors. But unfortunately, it’s a marsupial indeed..!! What would have a kangaroo done with me??It’s like…

When we were in kindergarten, teacher used to draw something on the blackboard and we will be asked to copy down them in our notebooks right? Like that I hardly studied drawing a flower. I returned home with a disoriented picture of flower in my drawing book. Meanwhile we were given homework too…that was to draw something in our book, but on reaching home, who is going to care about home works..!! I made all the mess and the day was over.

Once again sun rose in our village…it was a sweet Sunday. I spent the day playing, eating and all and when it was evening, I was worried because after a few more hours it will be “tomorrow- the Monday”…Poor me have a homework too…Sooner when my dad came I wanted him to teach me something new to draw. The reason I chose dad and not mom is because he had got many shortcut ideas for drawing that which mom don’t know...Mom could only teach me poems and stories then…Naughty me asked dad “Can you teach me something to draw in my book?”

May be because he found it interesting that he took me on his lap (such a comfortable place it is…) and keeping my book on the table, he sketched a strange animal and called it “the Kangaroo”!!He taught me how to draw it by holding my fingers and at last made me draw..!!!Fantastic...I made it...So, you know the very first animal I studied or more clearly, taught to trace was a kangaroo…lol :D At that time, even though I don’t know what a cat or dog is I was an expert kangarooist!!

On the next day, when I went school and showed this picture to madam, she was shocked for a while and started rolling on the floor laughing…!!!I assume the reason for her uncontrollable laughter as - the irresistible feeling of humor on seeing a kindergarten version of a kangaroo…:D =)

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