Sep 13, 2013

Black & Blue

After a long 269 days, she got justice. All the four convicts are sentenced to death. Somewhere in the air, the brutally raped and murdered soul will be sighing deeply.  
"In these times when crime against women is on the rise courts cannot turn a blind eye towards such barbaric and gruesome crime. There cannot be any tolerance. This crime in every way falls within the rarest of rare category warranting a death sentence," said the judge. 

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Rapes, though not rare in the country, were our people waiting for such a brutal one to happen? Reports say that there are about 963 cases pending in trial courts and many were whitewashed by time. Unfortunately incident of last December could only evoke an outrageous act from the side of public.
This is for the first time in Indian history that public, especially the youth, irrespective of their age, gender, religion or place, were seen to be red and blue, protesting together to revoke the laws. Indeed rarest of rare. People came up with black dot as a symbol of protest in the streets and social medias from the various corners of the country.
Now the day has arrived when the convicts broke down, and were brought to justice . Finally, I have to say, she was brave hearted. Let this be an eye opener to authorities to change laws in favor of women security. Hope fully, longing for a golden age. 

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