Sep 14, 2013

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 Feeling confused and absolutely doing nothing


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When I was busy with exams last week, I had planned to do this and that during the coming holidays. But, when its holiday time, I actually don’t know what to do and is simply doing nothing.
When I feel like clicking some snaps, my camera is out of order. Strip of lens is damaged and is taken away to repair.
When I wanted to hear some music, my player (memory card) is infected with virus. So I can’t even listen to.
When I think of blogging, I can’t do it also, because it ache my wrist and eyes. Disinterest for movies too.
At last, I decided to spend my time with sisters, but they have got many home works and so, they are busy.
Finally, I went for sleeping, but some music concert nearby polluting the air and I can’t bring my sleep on the way.
Now, what to do???????  A week is being taken away..!!!!!

 Does this look like fun? Now try to sum up your week in just 6 words and play along.Click on the button above and check out other six word saturday too :)

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