Sep 17, 2013


"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
--Oprah Winfrey

Some snaps of "yesterday" is uploading...

After a long time, we had the real pleasure of onam, when we plucked them out from the fields....
Got a little bit of childishness in the head.!!!

"Pookkalam"- © sruthi
 "Pookkalam" is done, smaller and indeed a good job. This has been made after a group effort of many little hands and were really happy when a special appreciation was received from "Onathappan" .

"Onathappan- © sruthi"

"Onathappan", symbolic of Maveli, appears on the day of uthradom or thiruvonam in Malabar areas to offer blessings. The red attire, bell ,"olakkuda" are his specialities and is the hero of the day.!!!
It's sepia tinted everywhere...going to be dusky. Celebrations and games are all over. Corridor still smells flowers and pookkalam look afresh. But it’s time to depart with the memories of togetherness. Senses were filled with colorful feast; jokes which made us to laugh out loudly, shopping and new dresses, home visits, evening walks together, gossiping before TV, pampers and fights… Everything is going to its end, because they are leaving. House is been calm and silent as before, and the clock ticks are well heard. 

Holidays are over, now back to books. Longing for another onam, let it fall soon.

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  1. Onathappann? ?? really??? heard of him in my grandpa 's stories :-)
    Smells of nostalgia nice article


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