Sep 17, 2013


In the city of bliss!!!
Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
 Location : Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Built in the 16th century by the kings of the then Kingdom of Travancore.

On the way to the temple...

Road to East Nada; East Gopuram also seen

I was pretty lucky to visit the place a couple of months back and was amused to see the aesthetics there. As I have not visited any of the wonders of the world in real, this happen to be a real wonder for my eyes.


In the road side ...


No need of any caption or foot notes i think, because these pictures will speak to you. These snaps are made from the shops laid on the roadside.

Though I am not that good in photography, am just trying to share some good moments I had. A special thanks for the shop keeper who allowed me to capture these for which I had to pay my ears. He was such a nonstop talker.


Approaching East nada

Standing on these steps, under the hot burning sun, i have spent hours watching the beauty of the sculptures.I was almost fully tanned when my family people found me after the trip.!!!



sculpture on the gopuram,east nada

Magnified view of the above picture
Finer are the sculptures, even the minute details of human figures, animals are obvious and cannot be described by a human tongue.. I wonder, what a talented, hard working and patient sculptors were they.

History : Foundation laid in 1566.
              It is a 100 foot, seven -tier gopuram
              Architectural style: Dravidian architecture
NB: It is recorded that 4000 sculptors, 6000 labourers and 100 elephants worked for a period of 6 months to finish the construction of the sreebalippura (the oblong corridor) and was during this period the gopuram was also made.


Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu(Sree Padmanabha). Sree Padmanabha lies on the five hooded serpent (Anantha) with the right hand on Shiva lingam and Brahma seated on the lotus emerges from the navel of the Lord. Deity being another beautiful depiction of history and creativity .

image taken from here

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