Nov 23, 2012

the IncRedibLe

 Kerala, a tiny state situated in the very south west of Indian subcontinent is rich in culture and traditions. 
The place is unique in unity in diversity because Hindus, Muslims and Christians play a vital role in laying such a unique culture here... 
Temple art and mural paintings are the incredible ones and am pretty interested in them as it is really amazing to see reciting the saga of love, life, self and soul...
(Sruthi Haridas photography)
  Last week I got a chance to be in Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple where I have been longing to be for many years. Felt like am in the heaven.I should say that it’s really incredible. Eyes were not enough to enjoy the beauty there … those beautifully lit lamps, sacred idol, mural paintings, wooden works, golden pillar are all beyond the definitions of beauty.

Mural painting(Sruthi Haridas photography)
I wonder how those great men created a beautiful history on the walls with vegetable colors and pigments...Those unknown artists and great architects should have been appreciated...In the ancient age, with the limits of technology, if they could carve a temple like this means they are so talented people right?.
My brain and synapses were busy enjoying the creativity in and around the temple. Air full of prayers and Carnatic music soothes our mind and along with the architectural beauty has a magnetic effect attracting a huge crowd of pilgrims...

(Sruthi Haridas photography)
 Walking in and around the place, appreciating the aesthetic  ancient Indian culture was a refreshing act which made me remember –God is love…It’s not in those pillars were we have to search for but inside ourselves and within those creative men. So, I believe that if you could find beauty within you and others and love everyone unconditionally expecting nothing back, then it is sacred.
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