Nov 21, 2012


Keeping all other craziness away for a while, I started a blog of my own on May 2, 2010.Actually it was an idea inspired from some of my blogger friends. ..

As a fresher in the blogoverse, I was troubled thinking how to do with this one...At that time, I was blessed with a friend, who helped me with her adorable advises and guidelines...Dashboard, design, layout and all were totally new to me and I started trying out one by one & experimenting several things within, was really a good job...

When I could make my first post, I was like see my piece of scribbling being published in a page. I was damn excited too. Then onwards I searched for topics of my interest and made a few more posts. I actually felt my blog as an electronic version of my diary…

But as I have got a strange behavior of leaving a job being fed up with that and go for something else, I left my blog for a year and was behind my paint brushes and carbon pencils...Meanwhile academics went bit tougher and I lost touch with my poor blog , it was all alone then. Hope my blog will forgive me for this cruelty... :(
Few months back, when my busy jobs were over, one fine day I visited my blog, after a long gap indeed. I found like, it making funny faces on me:D...It had showed all the bitterness towards me by lending my comment option not working and like that.

So I decided to make some changes and added few widgets trying to make it look better. Think my blog friend is okay now, with its features working properly. When I feed it with some more posts and added some of my snaps, it seemed happy like I fed an empty tummy:D
 Now I am committed with “him-my blog” and used to visit him with posts...Thank God he is happily alive now. To add, am happy that he has got some visitors too...
These days I spent my every free moment thinking about the blog. If any little matter of interest happen in front of me means, I will be thinking how to present it to my blog and like when can I be online next time...and I wish if every moment of mine is blogged…This is really an interesting piece of work...
                                                                  Happy blogging.:)
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  1. Cute! Happy blogging and keep going!

    Feels good to see you back here again!

  2. haha, even i think about my blog all the time!! all the best with your blog!!


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