Dec 8, 2012

Birthday BudDy

(image taken from here)

Dedicated to my dearest friend who celebrated her birthday a day before …

Along the ways of my life,
When I was busy making myself,
You were there to lead…
When little things made me cry so hard,
You were there to bud a smile on face…
When things went impossible,
You were there to boost…
When I was left in a crowd,
You were there to hold my hands…
Friendship with you really means.

But when little things,
Hurt your heart,
I have tried to be with you,
And was full of prayers with in…
When you were taken,
To the land of dreams,
I was a lucky bee there,
And your joy was sweeter.

Being a smile,
Spreading the goodness,
You always shine unique.
Now when your birthday is here,
Wishing you the best,
      And prays that let our friendship lasts long…

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  1. Thats a sweet and beautiful dedication...

  2. I couldn't resist the urge to say that this is one of the best birthday gifts i have seen in the last few years .... I am really glad to see this and feel that Its priceless and is worth more than a thousand chocolates , a costly Archies card or any material good one may buy for dear ones.... If someone wonder if this is that beautiful a gift , i wish to say that the beauty lies in the love and care behind this and and the time and effort spend for any creative work..... let this friendship last to infinity and beyond.....

  3. This is one of my favourite videos ...i wish to share it with you....

    1. Sorry , i donno how to paste the link here .... Its a 3 min video ..if you wanna check it , type "Girl's priceless reaction to birthday surprise " in YouTube...

  4. Thank you for that lovely comment.I have checked the video and it is pretty awesome,one of the cutest video i have ever seen.Thank you for sharing here.

  5. Thank you soooooooooo much dear :* so excited...... :):):)love you ma chweeeeeeeeet heart......


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