Dec 2, 2012

a Vestigeal InteresT

Once upon a time I was crazy about cartoon network and used to watch almost all these cartoons…Shameless to say that I was a diehard fan of Dexter’s lab, Tom n jerry, Popeye the sailor man…:D But now I couldn’t believe where all my craziness gone..!!! May be as a part of growth and development, this feature might have gone vestigial….Anyways I miss those people..!!!But i hated Ed,Edd n Eddy & Courage, the cowardly dog!!!I used to be irritated when it appears on the television!!!!!!:D:D:D It was such a stupid time indeed.
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  1. PopEye was the best! and Tweety Bird too.

    1. Popeye is great only...and it's in the top ten list of most popular cartoons.

  2. Vestigeal interest .... Cycle of life...


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