Dec 2, 2012

a Ruddy PoeM @>----

(Sruthi Haridas photography)

It came as a friend,
threw out its scent in air,
beautiful in its red,
the color of love was spread out

Being in infatuation at first sight,
I was taken to the valley of roses,
where Unicorns are all around…

Carried by the animal,
to the most handsome rose,
stars were winking at the Earth.

I swayed on the Unicorn tail &,
 fell on a pretty velvety petal…

I am so high,
 nearer are the stars,
joyous days grew older,
petals started hailing down,

To the end,
 a petal and I was left…
I trusted the single, when 
all those petals left,

But it's falling now,carrying me...
Sooner the wind took it away,
thorns that left hurt me…

Bleeding some red ….
the color again,
which was the beginning and ,
 now in the end.
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