Dec 26, 2015

"Sailing away from the safe harbor"

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After spending 6 calendar years in and around the CMC campus, now its time to bid farewell, thus sailing away from the safest harbor. Another milestone has been set up - we the 53rd batch CMCians were graduated. Though it’s a dream fulfilled, it’s hard to believe that we are leaving, praying for another comeback. CMC is going to be one of the best campuses ever as we all have left our innocence, smiles, prayers, sacrifices here, leaving with some human values. We were taught that doctors are next to God, and the transition from a student to a better personality is indeed a great achievement. Being alumni now, what I need to add up is - Enjoy the CMC from the roots to top, gain knowledge which is important and small fights are inevitable too. Never lose your heart, say no to grudge or ego or whatever. CMC is here to mould you, just let life go as it is..:) Best wishes..

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Being in the moment I awaited since I have dreamt about this, I would like to extend my hearty thanks to Him,the Almighty, my beloved parents who supported and encouraged through out, and to my kiddo sisters who cared so much than I did, fiancee who entered some six months back and made those tough internship days adventurous ,all the teachers who taught me from KGs to college, friends & relatives,...Last but not least, thanking all those patients who had more patience and gave us space to learn..and all the faces who played a part in the making of memories.

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And now, when I have those beautiful letters (Dr) infront of my name,though its unbelievable right now, yours prayers made it.
Just as this degree is not a termination but a commencement, I promise all my Best I can..
Thanking you all...
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  1. Hey Sruthi ,
    Great to know your blog is alive n kickin , Keep writing , cheers !


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