Nov 24, 2012

funnY FaceS :):)

It’s a time of great fun and joy when Inter batch competitions are here at my college. Actually it will be a refreshing time for us in the course of our dry curriculum. Actually we are on the verge of next inter batch competitions and preparations are going over in college. When the poster of the event was out, I was remembering those days of our last inter batch fest....

picture credit: Arun

There were a lot of funny moments to laugh out aloud...I am thankful to these competitions that they taught some interesting things like flower arrangement, vegetable carving, soap carving, clay modeling, oil painting and so on…After trying out these items, I felt like to do something new. It was then I knew about face painting competition. Competition demands us to paint our own faces, something interesting within a given period of time. My friend and me thought of attempting it, that too for the first time in our life, just to see how it will look like.(My friend say Chimmi,not her real name and I don’t like calling her like this in real too..this is for convenience sake) Collecting some fabric colors from our mates there, we started making over.Chimmi has got a theme with her which was googled with effort and it’s about “Ardhanaareeshwar-a beautifully depicted mythology”. By the time I was thinking about some ideas, she had started her work.

picture credit: Arun

 Little later, I also found one idea and started mine. Just twenty minutes were left for the judges to appear. Quickly, I took my brush, painted one side of my face black and the other white. I tried to depict Anna Hazare on the black and Gandhiji over white, that too mere cartoon faces .Some of our friends good in Malayalam literature taught something to say regarding my painted face..!!So I was ready by half an hour.

After finishing the last minute works, when I turned to have a look at Chimmi, I was stunned and could not control my laughter. She looked very funny, like something fell on her face. She was thinking the same on me and was also laughing out loudly. We might not have laughed like this for a century. Forgetting that it is a competition going on and as we laughed so great, a fine finishing look of the paints were gone and many creases appeared over here and there. Smile creases and folds became prominent. These made everyone to laugh on us.We were ashamed to be in front of judges..!!Poor guys…

picture credit: Arun ,edited by me.

Now, the time came for us to appear before judges. It was Chimmi’s turn. Somehow controlling emotions, she got seated in front them with eyes closed. Thank God she couldn’t see them laughing because eyes were closed. Such a funny atmosphere around…

And next, it was my turn. Pretending to be having an emotionless facies, I too seated there. After reciting those ready-made descriptions about Lokpal bill, corruptions, India in Gandhiji’s dream and all, I remained patient. I opened my eyes because I wanted to see if they are laughing or not…They were smiling at me. 

After giving some advices regarding how to make a face painting better, one of them asked me “You told about Gandhiji, India present and past. That was OK but why Gandhiji and Nehru together and how you are going to correlate??” I couldn’t be modest this time, I laughed out and said “Madam, This is not Nehru and was supposed to be Anna Hazare.My poor picture perfection: D: D: D” Actually thank God it looked like Nehru at least...Madam was surprised for a moment and started laughing. I was embarrassed. Whoo ….hoooo , that was over then.

Getting out of the place, we both cleared our faces and went away from the scene. To get rid of the hangover of that funny and horrible incident, we went to watch out some other stage shows. By the time we were hardly forgetting about that, an announcement came. Face painting results were out and to our surprise, Chimmi and me having 3rd…!!!!! Felt like some AC current passed through our heads...We wondered how this could happen…This is not fair!!!:D :D
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