Apr 17, 2014

cut ♡ filed ♡ polished ♡


Inspired from some of the gorgeous long nails in Medias, I just looked into mine. Oh!! the age old polish still hardly survive on it as if half bitten..!!! lol. Nails...they have outgrown their potential.! I have to do something.!!! Hummm..so I peeped into my purse. It’s perfect. I carried it to a nearby store and asked the sales lady to show the nail colour section. She accompanied and showed me some imported quality polishes and all the blah blahs followed. Am I confused?? Yes, it seems like I am. All the VIBGYOR gradients are before with variously priced stickers pasted on its mouth.!!
Lady suggested choosing lemon green and she added that teens prefer these now a days. Green nails..!!!Thinking that what a colour sense she has, I searched for some other. Lady again interfered, "then you choose this blue one. It will work out for sure, or what about this orange..bloody red??!! “In between I searched for her nails. They were long uncut disfigured nails with partially peeled out pink polish on it. She tried of hiding them under palms, when she saw my eyes on it. We both laughed out at once. Thank God, she has got nothing to blabber now. In no time, I selected one and went back home in hurry so as to start it.
Then the nails were cut, filed, and polished to get the things done. Smiles of satisfaction arrived on the door.When It's too hot outside and some cool but crazy ideas are there inside the brain. Let the good air come to dry the polish out. So what next? Brainy at work..!!! Only few more days of holiday is left.!!! ☹
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