Oct 2, 2014

love in koffie ♥

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If its about my favorite beverage, I could say with out a second thought that it is coffee... coffee and coffee only. Aaah... how could people dislike it?! Such a refreshing drink is it. Please don't bother if I am using so many adjectives, I just meant to express my intense like for it.!!! I have just known that there is some thing called International coffee day !! Interesting indeed and happy that there are coffee lovers spread out the globe. 

1. Indian Coffee house aka ICH

ICH- before renovation

When its about a coffee and college, let me take you to this nostalgic place situated in the heart of my college. Let it rain or shine bright or rather fall, guys at ICH will be consistently making and serving hot coffee.Before, between and after postings, CMCians will be rooted there. All kind of pranks and gossips made and heard from there, those sneak peaks were really funny. It smells some good memories over there.

2. Coffee and me 

my favorite tea cup!!

I dont know what to say, I just like everything about it, flavor, color, fragrance. According to me, it is the best hangout drink. hahaa..I used to drink three cups a day. The count may increase according to the situations, like exams or some tiring jobs. But at home, I have got some routine and selections.I would be happy if I am served in my favorite cup.!!

  3.Coffee and life

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Scientific community in conjunction with medical people have researched and found out variety of health benefits from moderate coffee drinking. It is found that those who drank coffee lived longer than those who did not. Then why you delay for the next sip?!! Mind you, studies are incomplete and more researches are required to document the above fact.! Lets live, life, longer, happily.

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Thanking Vidya Sury for the prompt which is really interesting and I enjoyed writing this one.
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