Oct 3, 2014

fragrances of life

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Which smell lets you know that it is autumn?
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Sometimes just a smell can give us memories and reminders. A few of us might have really felt this too. Autumn spread out from late September, October and early November months, we Indians have our festive time; Mahanavami, Bakrid and Diwali.

The season is mixed up with lot of fragrances. Muddy lands have dried up and no more smell of wet soil. The fallen red leaves have a kind of odor that diffuses in autumnal breeze. Thus the season is in our breath. Just take one whiff and relax...
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Perfumed festivals: Air of prayers and sacred scents are there around. The main source of those good smells, irrespective of festive, is from the great corner of our houses- the Kitchen.!!! From roasted and fried veggies during pooja holidays; spicy and flavored non- vegan dishes during Id to sweet scents of laddoos and jalebis of Diwali, mouth watering indeed. I could start shipping in the mouth.!!!  
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When you smell crackles or burnt wicks, Diwali is on your doorstep, which is more a festival of lights. Incredible...
To my surprise, I haven’t noticed yet that autumn has got these much fragrances. I was wondering, where I was during these days. I haven’t enjoyed the days like this, knowing its essence and aromas.

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  1. the typical smell of pooja like dhoop, diya, flowers, sandalwood and all fill this festive season :)


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