Oct 15, 2010


 My town –VATAKARA was a famous place from the very ancient time itself. Even before the landing of Vasco da Gama Vadakara was having a place in the business map. Old Kurumbranad taluk is replaced as Vadakara taluk.

 The great memories of Thacholi Othenan, Aromal Chekavar and Unniyarcha rest in Kadathanad which is included in the modern Vadakara taluk.Some believed that ’Nadu’ ruled by Kadolkkacha is modified in to the name kadathanadu.But the modern historians says that it get its name in another way that it form a water mode transport (kadathu vazhi nadu) to Kolathunad and Wayanad changed in to Kadathanad.

The place is very famous for kalarippayattu.The northern most bank of korappuzha was later modified into Vadakara.Kadathanad or Vadakara was mentioned in the Malabar Manual prepared by William Logan, the Collector of Malabar during 1875s. Vadakara was an important cape town that time. The town was ruled by a special group of people called Vadakara Vazhunnor.

It was on 1792 British East India Company taken over this land. It was a most important point of business., coconut, coffee were the most important export items.Kottakkal which is important for the martyrdom of Kunjali Marakkar, Thacholi Manikkoth which is the birth place of Thacholi Othenan, fort used by Tippu Sultan, Cheenamveedu which was the resort of Chinese men, Puthupanam, place where ancient civilization persists are some of the historically important spots of Vadakara.Lokanarkkavu temple is the famous temple here.

Northern ballads take origin here and also it is believed that Cherusseri was also born here.

Vadakara has alsovictimed many important incidents during the times of struggle for independence.Kelappaji, C.K.Govindan Nair, Moyyarath Shankaran, P K Kelu were some of the leaders from here. More over Kaumudi teacher who gave all her golden accessories to Gandhiji was a member of Kadathanad kingdom.

Today the place around new bus stand is called Narayana nagar.It was here the 5th state meeting of Guruvayur Satyagraha held. The place is named so in memory of M P Narayanan who was jailed during that time. These are all the historical aspects of my land.

Now the place is on the top of development by the arrival of many schools and hospitals and many huge business enterprises which rose here later on. This is some thing according to my knowledge about my town.

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  1. Kalakki. Vatakaraye pati abhimanathode parayan kure points kitti. Thnx..


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