Oct 28, 2010


Once again the sun rose in the east. Birds are making same sort of noises. After a bed coffee I fired to the terrace for bird watching. I hardly climbed up that narrow stairs and reached the top, but the key was missing. I jumped down thrice leaving few steps between and searched the cupboards for the key. The key has vanished.
Very fortunate!!!Because, birds might have already gone. Its 2 hours past the sun rise (better than mentioning that the time is 7:30!!!)So I dropped bird watching and looked for some another job.

Alas! Mom is screaming, not actually but was calling for breakfast which made the rest of the sparrows also to escape from the focus. I kept my binoculars away and moved near the dining table to feed my stomach. Now, I feel great!;-) So I thought of scribbling something.

I took some papers and went to the corridor and started thinking…thinking and think….ing!!Suddenly some Keats and Shelly have blessed me with some words and I was going to scribble but;. the pen was not working. When I made many criss cross lines to see whether this pen might work, suddenly some ink leaked out and the paper was ugly..!! I threw the pen away into the gutters and went inside to take another pen. By that time, a man had come to sell fishes.

When I returned with a Lexi 5n I was shocked to see the mom collecting fishes in that papers. No matter of sadness in that because it really seemed very ugly..!!! So I went inside again and tore some papers from the rough book of my sister after a short quarrel. She was angry to let me a page from that precious book which was copyrighted only for her rough works. She was helpless as she couldn’t extend the fight because the school bus is on the junction

Thank God the materials are ready. I went happily to that unlucky place again to “think”; but now I had forgotten about the matter I was thinking. So I angrily crushed out that paper and threw it on the earth. The ants in the ground were disturbed. They stopped once, stared at me and continued…

At last I have to stop thinking!! And came to know that thinking is dangerous! This will be probably the lesson no.1 of the day. Thinking not to spoil the rest half the day, I decided to decide something which won’t lead to stupid decisions!!!So now lemme move to decide….


  1. nice ..thinking is dangerous, ignorance is bliss ..(eventhough it doesnt fit in here)


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