Oct 28, 2010


Away in the midst of clouds,
Along the freshness of mist,
I wish I could fly.

Being a feather,
Trusting the breeze,
I wish I could fly.

Carrying the colors and ribbons,
Like a kite with broken threads,
I wish I could fly

Escaping from the hotness of fire,
From the funeral burning down,
As a carbon dust,
I wish I could fly,
For the ultimate salvation…

Far away,
Through the darkness of clouds,
I don’t want to precipitate down,

Want to be a spark of light,
In the hallo of those angels
Who cared me through out…
I wish I could fly...

1 comment:

  1. Fresh, surprising and original piece of poetry.
    Looks like the tale told by an innocent kind..kids usually have infinite number of dreams, you too do.
    Wonderful, Sruthi, Keep going.


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