Feb 12, 2011


Episodes are yet to begin
Journey of life…no but through lives
With a lens, 3.2 mega pixels
Attached to my cell
Viewing the lives
Through a single focus...
With a narrow field of vision
I could see…I could make a snap…
I then moved...

Long through the muddy ways
My sandals never waited my legs
They are naughty…lifeless creatures!!
I stopped, when my legs were tired
Reached the backdoor
of an old scary villa…
the open windows were hanging
like a victim hanging on the rope

Walls were dark and smoky
They have been waiting
For a “fair and lovely” treatment
But rather age control shall be taken..!!
As their skin was peeled off…and
The red flesh of tiles were peeping beneath
3.2 mega pixels not enough …
Anyways it flashed for them...

Sorry ..I was late,
I could have reached here before...
The breeze all around…so silent..
I can hear the notes of
Breath from inside…
And some gasps too…
I waited knocking the door of 70s…
A whistling wind opened it for me
When I asked about the inmates…

All I got was an incomplete shhhhhhh…
It whirled around my hair
danced for a while
and washed off the dust
over the old fractured bench
sitting and swinging over it
so cautiously…
I was about to take a snap….

Hardly I focused…
but this naughty wind cant be in focus
dry leaves and dusty aged peel offs
created a smoky pic.
I wondered, I couldn't..
My cell beeped alarmingly
Battery low…!!
And it turned off
Leaving me and the souls behind...


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