Oct 15, 2010


An old woman in her 60s, with a bald head & smiling face… She is so pretty and am proud to be her neighbor for some years. Her big watery eyes and shining bald made her cuter..!!!She is a very affectionate grandma and this made children to reach at her corridor. But we never called her grandma rather we called teacher as she was a retired teacher of some school...yea Janaki teacher resides in Kausthubham a small villa in Mahe.Kausthubham is the jewel of Lord Vishnu. I always like this name. To add, she is also a great teacher...She was my French teacher during holidays…

“Jana…kii…”when her husband calls her loudly (He is half deaf and we need to scream twice the normal decibels, only then he can hear it mildly. Funny thing behind is that he also utter aloud as he think that it need a louder sound for others also to hear.)for his spectacles which is missing but not really because it is over his eyes itself…!!!One of the children may shout…. “Teacher is on the rose bed…” We children had waited for long time under those rose beds to see those buds blossoming. The bud are more fresh in the morning dews.

She is always seen in her garden, which is not merely a garden but a complex ecosystem..!!It seems like all butterflies and ladybirds of entire country hover there and she is the grandmother for all of them. Garden reflects her mind and her innocence with in...Roses are her weakness. Many varieties of roses are with her. I remember the symbolic meanings taught by her. Red rose for love, white denoting purity of mind, yellow one for friendship, mixed for mixed emotions etc .….!!

 I have also seen many varieties of hibiscus, chrysanthemums, summer lilies and balsams there. She always waters the violet hibiscus’s bed …but it blossoms rarely! She is so caring in her ways that all her love in heart had blossomed in various colors. A walk through the garden in the evening when a breeze swings is more enchanting than a Beethoven’s symphony... I love it.

I am very thankful to her for those roses presented to me on every morning when I set down to school. My friends used to admire those flowers…

                           Memories are still alive...when the pasts set down and minds urge for future...

“What peaceful hours I enjoyed!
How sweet their memories still!
But they have left an aching void
The world can never fill…”
-William Cowper

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  1. Memories are stored in numerous tiny rooms in ur brain with a particular key for each .....each time u come across this key in ur life ,some room is opened and u will fly to that particular event of ur past.....some people call this nostalgia.....nice post and especially the quote u added.....


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