Oct 14, 2010


The Rain….it was a mystery for me during my childhood …and I always loved it .The first drop rain always bring a smile on our faces .The smell of wet soil ,the damp grass and the slosh of puddles under our feet makes us want to dance with wanton joy.

Memorizing the dramatic arrival of rain…..
The gathering of clouds makes everywhere dark…but this darkness couldn’t survive for long .It will be followed by vivid flashes of lightning .Then a downpour which get transformed in to a steady rain.
Everyone and everything looked fresh .Its green all around...How pleasing is the sound of falling rain. .if it were on the drum it could have made some beats. A cool breeze may change its frequency.
It may be quite pleasant to take a walk in the rain, but nobody likes standing with clothes wet and the drops from other person’s umbrella dropping down on us with cold clamming frequency.

I love my grandpa because he used to tell me stories from puranas .Its interesting. I sill remember those stories taught by him. When we ask grandpa why it’s raining now…? He had got a story for us…..

Indra is known as God of rain and storms. Before that he was known as King of Gods. At that time he used to fight with demons. Once he faces a demon named Vritra.The demon had taken all the waters of earth and placed them in a mountain where he remained on guard. In the devastating drought that followed people, people suffered greatly from thirst and famine. People started praying Indra...

Indra decided to fight Vritra and rescue the waters from captivity.Indra drank a large quantity of a special beverage called soma so that he was now enough strong to fight him. Then he stormed the mountain and delivered a deadly wound to the demon with his thunderbolt. The demon’s death released the waters, which flowed down from the mountain to the countryside. People became happy...

 ….. ouch the thunder is horrible..”See children Indra had defeated Vritra Again…See the strong wind and storm out there..”,Grandpa says…When my young cousin brother screamed on hearing the loud thunder, Grandpa laughed out loudly and said” This thunder bolts are not only to destroy that demon,.. It also kills the eggs of snakes and other ground dwelling creatures in order to control their population…!!These are all natures magic baby...!”But did the young boy could understand any of these magic!! So he started screaming aloud which made his mom to arrive at the scene. I looked out through the wooden window panes of grandpa’s room and saw many grown ups going to school. I was very young that time so could only wonder..

Colorful umbrellas seemed to be like gems fallen on earth. The screaming school vans..Some home sick cries from my neighborhoods…’milk bottle garland’…he he he….it was so great to memorize again..!!
It was all about my memories of rain…but I have to tell some fact too. Have u heard about a person named Rain? Not yet…then see...There is person in South Korea name Rain, he is a pop singer, dancer, model, actor, businessman, and dancer. He had made 6 or more albums…!!
My ink has spread out by this naughty drop of rain…let me move on …

“A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its promise won’t come true” -RAY EVANS


  1. lykd tis one..me too alwys fascinated by rain,
    i think u shld try on topics tat are not tht common. rain and grandma and nostalgia are common topics. try wrtting smthng more abstract..

  2. yea...u r correct.thanx 4 dat suggestion..

  3. Loved this one .....I love walking and singing ( crooning and screaming ) in the rain ....children dance in the rain ....hardly seen nowadays ...watching the raindrops fall itself is very beautiful......there are a few songs I cherish that could emulate the mood of listening silently the grand orchestration of rainfall....I dont think its an isolated experience to me ....almost everyone loves rain ....( if they dont have plans for an outing...)


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