Jan 12, 2014

Fun & Fact

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This post is to share an interesting cum funny cartoon that made me to get surprised on the wonderful & creative correlation. Actually, I found this cartoon for the first time in our Medicine Professor's presentation and was thinking of sharing here. This cartoon needs no description I guess. All the fun and fact is within it. So its better to avoid the descriptions and anti-obesity talks which might be boring for you who have been hearing for so long.!!! Anyways, it is very important to avoid obesity to wipe out all the lifestyle diseases of the times.

When a health issue is there, it is found to be a trend to observe a day and build so many goals and statistics. Nobody is bothered if the ideas are reaching the people in various levels rather than ending them in the organizing levels. It is high time to avoid the concept among our people that every single disease which they consider not malignant have some sort of medicines to apply. Actually the right kind of medicine is with themselves only, which is a healthy food and lifestyle.

So I hope these drawings can make people think on the issue regarding their health. And I wish if people cultivate the right attitude towards a healthy life. Another great thought is here...

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

PS: The author of the post is a lean person and has already tried all the ideas above, and is still maintaining the same framework. It may be because our author is envious towards the fatty crowd, which made a way for the article.lol :D ;) 
Stay healthy...

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