Oct 5, 2013

An awkward silence

Travelling is always a pleasure for me, and if am alone means, I just love it. Even if it’s just a few kilometres, I enjoy it. All that come to my eyes and ears will be stuffed in the head and I love to observe people; their several traits are very much interesting. Anyways I am not here to tell you about travelling and my concepts but rather to share something else. Last week, I was on the way home after class, as it is Gandhi Jayanti holiday on the next day.  I boarded a bus and was comfortably seated near the window. A mixed weather outside, neither too hot nor too sunny, but it brings out so much of perspiration.
In the bus, I saw an interesting family; a lady who hardly looks eighteen who is mother to a little kid, and two other ladies in their classic wear. Actually they belong to four generations, if my assumption is correct.  They were talking so loudly that everybody was watching them and the ladies were not at all bothered. Their kind of perfume was piercing my olfactory epithelium so hard, and it brought me a  bad headache.
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In between, little kid was poking me and pulling out my hair, she actually considers it as her play game. But it was irritating for me after so much of pokes. So, I was supposed to have another seat!!! Then I happened to overhear their conversation, I know it’s not my business, but as they were speaking so loud, I had no other option.

Lady 1 : X had called me just now, and was saying that, he will be home tomorrow. Is it a leave tomorrow? Because he won’t come that often, he has classes there, right?

Lady 2 : aaha..Is he coming home.(giggles)Its holiday tomorrow and that’s  why. Something related to Sree Narayana guru, I think. His birth or death or whatever!! I don’t know clearly.

Lady 1 : oh..yeah. His Samadhi was there a few weeks back. It will be Sree Narayana Guru jayanthi.

Lady 2: aaah, yeah. Both are anyways same. So many holidays are there this month. (giggles terribly)

I was wondering and I just looked like that smiley you see in the chat box, which have a wide open bulging eyes and lips zipped tight. Oh dear God!!! This is terrible; they even don’t know that its Gandhi jayanthi on October 2nd.Feeling pity on them.  Gandhiji, Father of our nation, and being the native of India, ignorant of the day means its shame.

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“Nations culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”, words of the great idol of humanity, but did he mean about this ignorant people??!!! Poor Guruji, who was also happened to get involved unfortunately, deserves a few more exclamations. !!!!

Lady2 (to me): You need this piece of orange, it’s very sweet.

I thanked and rejected it with a broken smile. It was such an awkward situation which made me silent. Then they continued their village talks and by the time I had fallen asleep. I had cursed myself several times for slipping into sleep when I didn’t want to, but this time I thanked God.

PS: A little knowledge may be dangerous many times, but at times, ignorance can be a beast.

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  1. though its unfortunate that citizens in this country dont revere Gandhiji much nowadays , i wish to notify you that there is no official or government document conferring the title of Father of the nation to Gandhiji ..the constitution dont recognise any one person as the father of this country and dont get away with all you learn in elementary school text books ....but i agree atleast people unofficially consider him so in their minds .
    "nations culture resides in the hearts and souls of its people " - he is right ....even these people are reflectors of the culture and the big picture is that this country lacks a good culture...it has contributed much to science , arts , music , literature , philosophy and so on but what determines a good culture is the respect for humanity and reverence for science . on the contrary , what we see here is a bunch of bigots , hypocrites and vehemently superstitious dumbheads who toils hard to prevent social , gender equality to prevail in this country ....

    1. Thanks arundhati for stopping here.
      Actually, what you said is correct and i am agreeing with.I was about to tell with the post that there are this kind of people in this country who dont revere Gandhiji which is pathetic, and I consider your notification too.Even if its not titled like that, we consider like that only.Your view about present India quoted in the last line of your comment is very true and it's thought provoking.Like anyone here, I also wish for a change to come.Thanks again, because you made this to think well.:)


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