Jan 24, 2013

Snap talk

 In the previous post, I had mentioned about my evening at a sea shore. On that day, I had made a lot of snaps there and one special snap of some formed rocks made me "wowww" because it exactly looked like my college… I meant like a statue of my college.I would like to share it here along with the picture of my college. You could pick out some similarity and let me know your comments regarding them.

college clock  tower -viewed from back

statue or just rocks??!!
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  1. Woww......great!!!! :)
    As usual yoU and YOur snaps ROCKzzzz sRuThEeeeee..... 8-)

  2. Beautiful shots Sruthi..yes, there is a resemblance.

    Loved the way you designed your header :)

    1. Happy to know that you liked it.:)Thanks Valli and keep visiting my blog..

  3. Most people only just see things .You have gone one step further.You Observed..Good work , Sherlock!!!
    Also this reminds me of the Black Taj Mahal..there is a myth that Emperor Shah Jahan had plans to build an exact replica of the original Taj with black marbles on the opposite banks of river Yamuna which would look like a mirror image , more precisely a darkened mirror image ... Some say that the emperor had plans to bury him in this black version .but the plans were abandoned , maybe because he was imprisoned by his son Aurangazeb..Finally Shah Jahan was buried next to the tomb of his love Mumtaj Mahal in the original white Taj... It is wonderful to note that everything about the Taj had perfect symmetry except for the tomb of Shah Jahan in it because it was not in his original plans. This myth is much debated.
    This should be the natural sister tower to our own Clock Tower. 'The Two Towers' would have been a perfect title for this post if you were a Lord of the Rings fan... ( was just trying to figure out comnections )
    Nice post...

    1. This is a new piece of knowledge about Taj mahal and Shah Jahan.Thank you for sharing it.Your appreciation is really encouraging..Thank you for that too.


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