Jan 24, 2013

Stolen shell ;)

Few days back, I got a chance to be in the sand banks. Walking alone through the wet sandy ways, I was refreshing those good old days there with my sissies and all. I could see few kids raising Mahals with sand, some crabs peeping out through the holes, and of course the majestic waves heading to the shore. Air was filled with so many kinds of noises.
I went near the waves and when a frothy one swept my toes and then the feet, felt irritated actually. Strange indeed! Some hectic thoughts might have eaten away the neurons in my head making me getting irritated for silly things, my brilliant assumption.!!!

Roaring out the pride
Then I moved a little back to the rocky place where I seated safe, waiting for a twilight dipping under the horizon. Some little crabs which poked me took my attention for a next while .I felt like they were taking me somewhere to show something .I was eager and stepped few meters away where I could see some pretty pieces of shells left open, letting out all the pearls of good memories in the salty frothy water.!!! Even though they were empty shells, they were looking delighted when some rays fell over them.

Those shells...pretty right?

I was watching here and there when few little kids came running to the scene. They hardly smiled at me and found themselves very busy. Sooner, a boy came near and took away some pretty shells. A girl kid who was cute in her light blue frock was chasing him. They were pulling and pushing among themselves and later they started doing the same with me. Their laughter and screams raised higher making the sea quiet. My slippers were going out feet while resisting to their fights. But, thank God, they didn’t left me in the salty water waves which could have taken me to those old memories set out by those shells.!!!

But,this is the best one..

Then I was trying to make some good shots in camera. Sooner a Beep…Beep…Beep...was heard. My cell phone is vibrating to remind me something. I just checked it. It said ,

"Case presentation tomorrow"
I was like AWWWwww...  tomorrow is again a Monday!!! So I have to return home now.

Waving hands to those pretty kids, I walked away with my slippers in one hand hanging their broken straps and a stolen "memory shell" in the other .… ;)
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