Feb 2, 2013


It was only recently, I came to know about EE pencils, that too when one of my friend gifted me a caricature of mine. That was a great surprise indeed and I liked it very much. It is for the first time in my life, I have been receiving such a kind of gift. I was pleased actually. It was created by EE grade pencil.

the message attached with the picture
What i knew about EE pencils now... 

EE grade pencils are a kind of intense black pencils from German manufactures. It’s said that they have been replaced by 8B pencils now. Some say that, they might be the same for the manufacturer but they are not the same for an artist as they give a rough look rather than the shiny appearance produced by 7B. EE grade pencils have a bold round lead end and pictures will give a rough waxy appearance. They can’t be smudged or smeared. It can be erased completely with electric eraser only. The pencil is almost vanishing now and has entered the red list of endangered species. Some old artists will really miss those leads.
I was wondered about the history of EE grade pencils which is on the verge of extinction. I haven’t used it once in my life but am proud that my friend still has an EE pencil well preserved!. :) It need immense time and patience for making an art with it. Doing caricature out of it will be definitely an adventurous task because we can't erase anywhere.The same was shown to be  an easy task by my friend through this caricature gifted..!!!.

caricature with EE pencil

I cant stop myself from saying that this gift worth really a lot...I felt proud because I am earning so many good friends these days and days are being sweeter.And another message left by,

I had no words rather a hearty thanks and a prayer that let this friendship won’t get erased...The evening was really great because I came to know about EE black pencils and got a surprise gift.:):) Once  another friend of mine has told “I believe that everybody I come across in my life have something new to share ”. So true about EE pencils!!.:)

                                         "Friendship is not a big thing... It's a million little things"

PS: This is an acknowledgement post, dedicated to one of my friend.

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