Oct 26, 2012


This is absolutely confusing..Suppose if somebody is coming against me, say a collegue,whom I am knowing  but not very well.!!,then you know, I will be severely confused whether to smile at them or not..and finally when I decide to smile, the person might have moved away..!! That will be the reason for me to get disappointed afterwards for not giving a smile..and decides to smile at everyone next time onwards...
When the pretty  “next time” arrived and somebody is coming against me without any confusions I would have smiled very well with my lips stretched to dig my cheeks..:)But....the response from the opposite will be very funny because either they might not  have noticed me or should have ignored me thinking who this crazy one is..:D:D
Poor me have got another event to be disappointed ,thinking that it was shameful one.:D:D:Dlol

And the very next time, when I decided not to smile or expect one, somebody will  come against me smiling.!! Of course I won’t  smile this time…then they will come near me and ask like why cant you send  a smile..you "jaada" party..??!!:O:O:O what a terrible situation is this..??!!!lol
So I was thinking..that those who had got a wide stretched lips which looks as if they are smiling are very lucky..;) ,as they don’t want to bother about smiling ..:D:D
Anyways simply smile..let your face look pleased.


  1. Nice ....i felt like listening my own tale in someone else's words...one of my kind hearted , open minded friends said that sometimes smile is like a virus .... When we flash a smile at somebody it immediately catches hold of that person and has a momentary impact in him....it can boost him and at times has the power to make his day.. the person in turn flashes this smile to someone else and from him this passes to some others and the smile spreads...the smile we give a stranger has a Good Samaritan effect in him ...smile is a sign of recognition ,care and compassion for the receiver and a mark of confidence and satisfaction for the giver.. But all these good effects follow a honest and genuine Duchenne smile and not with a dishonest grin ...so spread smiles... :) I enjoyed reading this post...


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