Oct 26, 2012

On one Evening

The story happened in the last year. I was on the way back home from college. Me and my friend had got a lot to tell...Like events, gossips, assumptions, confusions, worries and some reminders too. The time taken to reach Moffusil bus stand is not really enough for us to share these much. So we used to continue in the bus stand also..: D We both had to travel in separate routes...Buses to our routes come vacant--got filled-- and some left. After winding up the talk for the time being, I got into bus. This is how my weekend evenings are...

On one fine evening, after this chats and all-in got in the bus, occupied the seat and another two seats were vacant near me. Bus was about to start and the horns were shouting. Sooner, a lady in her thirties, with curly hair short but pinned and well dressed entered bus. She was shouting aloud in her cell phone. All the travelers might have noticed her due to her loud, high pitched, irritating voice!She seated near me and hardly passed a smile. I too smiled. :) She then started shooting so many questions. The lady want to know all my details and i gave answers for some of them.Knowing that am studying in this college and is coming form Badagara, she said her relative's child is also studying in my college.

"That person might be your senior; I guess “lady said. I found that she can’t stop talking and I was supposed to nod my head continuously.I was hardly controlling my laughter because her hair flying in the air is giving a funny look! Mean while, she started describing about that relative and her child. From her talk, i could understand that her relative is a doctor working in the Government hospital of my place and his daughter is in my college. After a while, when she told his name..,to my surprise she is talking about my dad and the person she supposes to be studying in my college is myself!!!I couldn’t control my laughter this time...
Indira Gandhi Moffusil Bus stand(picture taken from internet)

I decided to confuse her and asked “You know his daughter very well right??”
She said,"yeah...for years"...
"But what was her name...You didn’t tell till now?!!"I asked.
She thought for a while...Seems like she don’t remember. Suddenly she said...”It’s Pooja I think" Though it’s not my name...I smiled and inquired how she knows him...
"We are relatives and also we had worked in the same institution “along with this she also added some praises and boasting. The lady to her anxiety asked if I know them..

This time I can’t resist telling the fact that it’s me only and the person whom you are mentioning is my dad. Poor lady was staring at me as if she was trapped...Being speechless and expressionless. She then told"Yea!! You are the person right...you know I felt like it’s you only...That’s why i was telling these to you"!!!!!!!!

I smiled and said " I am not Pooja ; we are relatives right??"
She laughed out loudly and said "No...But...don’t tell this to your dad...okay?”!!!!!!!!!:D


  1. Funny yet very beautiful....

  2. hihih Samathichu eerkiiy :P


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