Apr 19, 2014

Living principlE

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Many a times, when we have problems, we used to think like we are the most unlucky fellow in this world. I have recently read that one out of 4 have the same thought very often. Being one among them, for the past few months when I was at the verge of missing something that cannot be missed, and when there was a lot of tough times that have passed, I realized what life is. After running through all the hurdles, to get it back, dedicating whole self and spirit, prayers helped us saving it. It was then I had a turning point or an awakening to the reality. Life, it’s simply awesome with all the flavors. Bitter or sweet, they should or they would also pass away. Like every piece of gold is refined and molded, all the past, present and future is there to make it out from within us.
Every little misery will end up in a smile. Boldness is within them who could find a smile when it is tempest out there. Such a tricky puzzle is it. I was so late to realize that everything I worried about till then, were mere stupid things and not at all a problem. Thank God, we are lucky enough considering all the possibilities ahead.
My motto: Live it, Love it, Face it and Smile at it... Life is too good.

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  1. yeah! perfect post... life is all about loving each moment irrespective of bitter or sweet! lovely write up!

    1. Life has to go on...right..thanks for reading dear

  2. Very motivating thoughts! Thanks for sharing dear :)


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