Sep 5, 2013

a Chemical bond

Today, got up from bed when my cell cried out, the alarm had almost pierced my drum to awake my consciousness. I couldn’t be lazy today, because we were having ENT university practical exam. After getting ready with my head stuffed up with various topics, I just had a look on my cell, to see for the date and time (I was unaware about the date till then!). It’s September 5th, teacher’s day. Awwww..!!! Sooner some faces appeared in my mind, of the best teachers I had. Among those faces, I was remembering Parasuraman sir. For me he is the best teacher and guide I had ... Some teachers can influence some pupil in a better way right, and the same for me. Remembering him for a while and praying for his blessings, I moved to exam hall...After having done with that, I was going home and all the way I was trying to recollect those chemistry classes we had.

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 Parasuraman sir is a tall, little over weighed and fair person enjoying his 60s. “Kuri” on the forehead is his hallmark. Some innocent grays can be seen popping out from his nearly bald and so on his ears. He teaches chemistry at Prof PC Thomas Institute, Thrissur, which is a favorite place for left outs to remember and a dreaded one for on goers!!!.When the pupils around were dying hard competing at the best, being selfish from the roots, sir taught about sharing of knowledge, some soft speech and smiles. Chemistry has been the most hated subject till I had his classes, because these molecules and structures were out of my imaginations. He delivered interesting classes and his frequent pokes in the midst of class, all had a grandpa’s touch. For him every atom or molecule he taught have life, and so came those bonds. He used to share some pieces of stories from epics, when the class seems sleepy, thus making us sharp throughout. I am really missing those lively classes. Being a medical aspirant then, I had a lot of queries and confusions about cracking entrance exams and all were cleared by this old teacher. He can only call my name in such a sweeter way with the very warmth like a grandpa. I am really a proud student to have a great teacher like him.
One of the best pearl acquired from his class, is the description of an ideal student. We all have known it; anyways just have an eye on it.

                             Kakacheshta bakadhyanam, shwananidra tathaiva cha |
                   Alpahari, brahmachari, vidyaarthi panch lakshanam ||

For the meaning,click here

Being born and brought up in the land of Adishankara, with the essence of guru-shishya lineage in blood, lets hail our culture and tradition and thus to remove the veil of darkness. Lets the light of knowledge be brighter.

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Remembering all my teachers …
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