May 6, 2013

it's sad

© sruthi haridas

Today, I was terribly disappointed to see that i have missed the birthday of my blog which was on May 2nd.Oohh...!!! shoot me.. shoot me up..what was I doing on that day.:( :( Its true I have got a test on the same day, but I know its not going to be an explanation.I am so sorry for this ignorance.
                                                        A belated wishes for my blog..
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  1. Belated Birthday Wishes :) Hope your test went well?

    1. Thanks Divya..and yeah,it was okay..:)

  2. I feel the same. But at least it has just been a few days for you.
    I realized it has been over a month for my blog. :( :'(

    1. oh..:O that is sad indeed.:( we wont miss the day next time,ok?

  3. Sounds like me. I am sure I would forget too. Infact I had to go to my archives to check the date I put up my first post.
    Anyway, I am more pathetic than this. Haha..

    Following you.

    I am a new blogger and I would love if you could have a peek at my blog too and let me know, how I am doing.
    Lots of love


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