Apr 8, 2013


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When near
we fought, till
pillows feathered
Sissies, can’t be 
so sweet many times.
  When I kicked you

I was careful not to hurt you
just wanted to
annoy you,because 
i loved it...
 But,I was hurt

Not when you pulled
My hair out,
But when you said
You hate me more.
 When the things turned off
I waited for you to come back
Not to say a sorry 
or to hear one from you,
But to start another one..:D

PS: This post is in memory of the great fight i had with my sister today.We both ended up with bruises and I am thankful to mom, because she could only save our lives or rather can't even guess.lol..:D

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  1. not very sweet as your poem sounds...
    it must have been painful, maybe the best thing is you decided to put it up here... it will be nice wen ur sis reads it :P

    1. hehe...you are right....but she hav'nt noticed this yet..:(

  2. hahaha this one is marvellos... cute i hav no words to xpress! i knw am an elder sis and hw it will be... u made me smile... had a slide show of fights wit ma luvly sis :)

    1. :) happy that i made you smile..thanks for the comment dear...:)

  3. Everything in this post makes me nostalgic about those good old days of sibling fights :-))

    Fashion Trend: Emerald and Black!!

  4. That's really a sweet poem <3 :) Made me smile :)

    1. your comments are always valued..thank you valli..:)have a nice day...:)

  5. I can relate to me.
    Hope your sister reads this. Because then, she might come right away, for a little pillow fight may be. :P

    Nicely written. :)

    Came across your blog on 20sb.
    And haha. People who like craziness will love your blog? Well, I am yet to find out.
    Guy who likes Craziness.:P

  6. sibling fights are funny and serious at the same time :)


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