Apr 7, 2013

a letter & some reds ♥

A red surprise

Dear Dad,

We know you are sleepy because its 00:12:03 am, but still sorry, we made loud noises , all the messes in the room and lighted candles here... and many surprises on the way.
We were waiting for the moment...because,
Dad, its your birthday today...and we are going to celebrate it.

   Happy happy happy..happy birthday to you...
                                                                    For being with us and,
                                                                       for lending the ears
                                                                           with patience,
                                                                     to all the stupid talks
                                                                            we made...
                                                                      Dad, we love you..
                                                                        For all the love
                                                                         & tender care,
                                                                  for bringing our wishes
                                                                       in gift wrappers,
                                                           before we made you know them
                                                                 Dad, you read our minds...
                                                            Teaching the pearls of goodness,
                                                                 you showed up a good life,
                                                                     being our inspiration,
                                                                        dad, you lead us,
                                                                    the HERO of we three...

With lots of love,
♥♥♥ kids

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  1. cute yaar!!! many more birthday wishes to ur achan :)

  2. this is beautiful :)


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