Dec 24, 2012

Stamped out

Last day while searching for some old book, I found my stamp stock book well preserved in a box. Its 2 or 3 years past I checked them for the last time and I was so happy to get them back. While turning the pages I could hardly remember those days when I was a crazy philatelist. I have got 4 stamp stock books containing nearly 500 stamps, both Indian and foreign together. It’s pretty good hobby to arrange them nation wise.

stamps- a collage
 Remembering the past history…….
I started my stamp collection when I was 6 yrs old, with my dad who showed me up the idea. He had given me a book for pasting them and also helped me doing that. He himself drew outlines for each page and showed me how to paste them. Then onwards I always waited for postman uncle to come home with lots and lots of letters. In a year, I filled my book with stamps and the majority was of Gandhiji’s. I felt proud to have a little stamp book then.

Years passed and stamp collection grew up with me. Like my cells, stamps also multiplied. Dad got me a stamp stock book and I shifted them to my new book where I don’t need to paste them. Stamp collection became much easier then. Then I got a chance to attend a philately exhibition and was wondered to see a new world of philately and philatelists there. It was such an inspiring one. I bought some rare old foreign stamps from there reflecting their national heritage.
Magyar Posta- Hungary
Later on, I came to know about Philatelic Bureau of India post from dad. I was so pleased when he registered in philately bureau and we started receiving unused stamps (mint stamps) by post.
About postage stamps…
Philately is regarded as the king of hobbies and the word means study of postage stamps and postal history. It’s not only a hobby but also a window to the world of knowledge. It doesn’t mean mere collection of stamps but is the study of stamps. To your information, one can become a philatelist without owning a single stamp also..!!!
 The postage stamps reflect country’s heritage. Stamps about variety of themes are available, like birds, animals, architecture, handicrafts, science and technology, sports, defense etc. Historical events and great people are also honored with stamps, most important being Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our nation.

Commemorative stamps of Mahatma Gandhi . INR- 01.00

 Make it a hobby…
Make stamp collection your hobby now onwards because you need no patience or something for this. Rather you will get a lot of information about various countries and cultures.
All you need to do is to collect stamps from those postal covers before throwing them away. Tear a little away from the stamp and rinse in a bowl of water or allow it be there for some time so that stamp would get detached by themselves. Allow it to dry in dark. Now you can arrange according to theme or nation wise or as per your interest.
If you want to get registered in Philatelic Bureau and get mint stamps by post, contact the nearest head post office or you could get them on your finger tips here  and open an account.
A commemorative postage stamp on. 150 YEARS of India Post. INR - 05.00

 I have been collecting stamps for the past 16 years and the excitement & passion I had in the beginning is decreasing. When I started this hobby, I had many friends of the same interest and we had shared and exchanged many stamps. I remember that some of friend’s parents were staying abroad which helped me get some foreign stamps too. But, now no one has enough time to spare on them including me. This busy lifestyle…That is really hard indeed. It may be because of the technological revolution created by electronic mail and message services.

Nobody write a letter now. A little before, at least cards were sent during Christmas and other occasions. But, now they were also electronised. I appreciate for the fast developing tech world; at the same time I think I should have to dig a graveyard for these hobbies. I wish if they have never get wiped off.
 "Each stamp has a story to tell. If you study the stamps of each country you can see the various phases through which they have gone, their evolution and history," said Jayant Khedkar, philatelist and member of Philatelist Society in a philately fair.

Some of my favorite stamps are here: 

A commemorative postage stamp on  'Children's Day'- INR 05.00

Handicrafts of India- INR 05.00
                    Baul mela- INR 05.00                      
  A fair held every year at Ashram premises of Santiniketan,West bengal, to commemorate the foundation day of Santiniketan.
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