Oct 28, 2012


I am very proud , I started my schooling at Avila Primary School; Mahe.It is situated in the premise of St.Theresa’s Church and is run by the same. It has classes from LKG to IV.I have got a lot of memories here...I want to say that this is one of the best schools in Kerala.

  A girl off to school(photo credit-Nikhil Syam)

Here they will teach everything a child needed to present in the exams in the classroom itself so that pupils will be thorough with that and they require no extra effort at home. I have got ten beautiful memories regarding this school...so let me unfold one by one.

The very first thing which will come to my mind is the big bell in front of the school which is a possession of church. I was eager to know how this bell produces such a big sound and who is ringing that and all.

St.Theresa's Church,Mahe(photo credit:Nikhil Syam )

      It’s about a boy say “X” seated near me in the LKG classes. He is such a shy boy, who came to the classes with neatly combed and well oiled hair looking not very pleasant. He is very shy to get seated near girls. My class teacher, Sr.Rejina intentionally seated him near me. I was such a naughty kid then. Sister arrives with lots of play items like building blocks; toys etc.She gave us both some building blocks to play. After a while, when I was bored with the game, I started looking his hair and wondering how it is maintained in such an order. As I have got a very curly hair and even if I had a hair band over it, I appear like Sai Baba.!!Then I can’t wait touching his hair, and when I did the same he grimaces and even cries. I was amused and so I made it my pleasure tickling and making his hair look shabby. He will cry or shout and make in the proper way as it was before…funny indeed!!
One more thing I remember about him is that he has got a sister. I am sure about this because he carries a key in his pencil box which belongs to his drawer, inorder to save it from sister’s attack..!! I wondered like what a great boy...he got a table with drawers for himself!!And then I don’t have one like that in my KGs and I had seen one with my dad only..!! I just like him for his innocence even if he hates me like anything..: D


This is about my class teacher, Sr.Rejina. During afternoon interval, she will hold my hand and take me for a walk all along the school ground when other pupils are busy playing. She is full of love and is a real angel. For me, the walk with sister is a proud one.
Class photograph of LKG ; Sr.Rejina is seated in the middle.
One day, she told me that she had got a swelling in the stomach and needs an operation.Eventhough I couldn’t understand the seriousness, I was sad. After a few days she was missing and I was desperate. I missed her very much. Some more days passed and one fine day she appeared in my class. I was much excited but end up in a weep .She is going to quit school as she is not well and has got an operation to be done soon. She asked for prayers and went away. That was so sad.:(


Next it’s about my first standard teacher Miss Telma who taught English. She is too good in managing classes in pin drop silence with her stories. May be because all the stories told are regarding ghosts which helped her to manage us like that! My nights were terrific and fearful then. I was not knowing about such a creature till then and had a great impact on me.!!:D

1st std;with Miss Telma
Then onwards I know it as-Very tall and huge person having ‘dumshtras’ who is a blood sucker, can change their appearance with places may sometimes look pleased or horrible and that will haunt humans especially are extremely dangerous. Before going for sleep it became my habit to check under cot to see and confirm that no blood suckers are hiding over there.


      Fahi was my best buddy there since KG classes and we were together till I quit IVth standard. I really mean her and was also an admirer. The reason will follow…
On Wednesdays we can wear color dress and uniform is not compulsory. During these days she wear some different dresses like half saree, cindrella frock etc... which were unfamiliar for me at that time. They were all imported from gulf and I was little jealous also! We talk too much and had quarreled more than that. Even if the things are like this she was always my side and we were the besties.A good friend indeed.


It was such a pleasure for us during the festive season. We won’t be having classes for a week or two. The church and premises will be beautifully garmented with lights. Air will be full of prayers and music.

Church during festival.

Class teachers will take us to the Church and we were taught to pray on knees in front of the great Father. Candles are lighted and between that somebody will be screaming when the hot wax get dropped in their hands.

A person named Sajeevan is our auto driver who takes us from home to school. For convenience let me abbreviate him as Mr.Saj.Meanwhile I have got many friends in the Rickshaw too.Bhavya is my companion here.
Saj is a good person and he really deserves a Nobel Prize for Peace and patience too. We kids always irritated him by creating all the mess we cud at that time. It includes poking him while driving, quarrelling inside the vehicle, shouting, or by crying for mom...
Auto rickshaw jammed with students.(courtesy:THE HINDU daily)

One incident which rushes into my memory is that; one day Bhavya and I were in some misunderstanding and everybody been in her side. I was irritated because nobody is there to speak for me.
So, when it was about to reach home, I slapped her and I myself started crying very loudly. I have reached home by then. Saj was confused thinking that what had happened to me all of a sudden and he was worried too when people gathered there. Actually I didn’t expected this much. Sooner my dad also came to the scene took me inside house in order to create no further noise pollution. Poor Bhavya who got the slap was shocked and speechless.

I was guilty the next day and was ashamed too. When Saj came, I searched for my friend but she was not there.Saj asked smiling “Whom are you searching after all these messes?” After giving an guilty smile I asked for her.Saj turned mom and said “Both of them are naughty enough to create a scene” and laughed out loudly. Mom also laughed. But I was sorry…

I don’t remember his name; indeed he is a tall well built person and carries a long bamboo stick with him. Those days I always hated him as that stick had hurt my legs many time. But he was such a talented person and my head teacher always praised him for his sincerity.

Last practice:Just before staging.


This is something which hurt me much. I was in third standard I remember. After class test madam asked us to get the answer books signed from parents. When I showed it to my dad, he carelessly signed with a pencil which was not clear. So I thought of sketching over it with a pen and I did it well also. Then I thought why can’t I sign like mom too so that madam will be happy to see all my family in my answer book! So I signed very badly like mom that everybody except myself will say that it’s not my mother’s.!!At last I put mine too!
On the other day, when madam checked our notes she saw my art work there…and called me near. It seemed like she dint like my family there! Without telling me a single word she asked to extend my arms and started beating, it went on like 1-2-3...till tears rolled out. That was so pity .
Still, when I think this incident, I feel very bad… :(

This is one of the interesting memories I had at Avila. During our afternoon breaks, we children played variety of games. One such game is the Dracula play where one of us will be assigned as Dracula, others as mother and kids. I will be always the kid there. Deep (Abbreviated for my convenience) plays Dracula very well. We have got a dark room also to make this play a lively one. The story begins like this…

Dracula.(picture taken from internet)
It is a midnight of Friday. Mother and children are staying in an isolated house near a forest. The clock rang 12 (sound effects by us)everyone in deep sleep. Suddenly wind started howling and some groans are heard in the background…the voice gradually raised as if it’s very near to us. Yea…Dracula is near. It is happy to see all juicy ones there. When children open their eyes, what they could see is the fearful Dracula with erupting teeth.OMG!!! Everybody is running..:D:D Now Dracula chases them and catches somebody…This is the thread of our play.

Even though it’s just a game, I was really afraid of deep’s Dracula role. When he enter producing the sounds of howling wind and groans and screams, I will be praying hard to save me from him…and even if he is smiling I feel like teeth erupting...but it’s fun to run when he is chasing us..lol.
                            *** *** ***

fahi,me,bhavya in order
These are the ten lovely memories I have with my first school. Every child coming here is a prince/princess and they leave with all the nobility. Proud being  an Avilayen.I always love these memories too..:)


  1. The long wooden scale beautifully depicts the innocence of a child ...arguably its the best of all your memories eventhough thinking about it brings a bad feeling to you....i burst out laughing when you said " it seemed like she didnt like my family there "...now , I think you gave your heart at detailing this one memory than any other ...........Our memories reflect the accumulation of a lifetime of experience and, in this sense, our memories are who we are..... no matter good or bad, it will shape our thoughts and actions ....even if its difficult , painful or harsh , any unusual or extra ordinary circumstance in life should be taken as a gift because I believe that life should be eventful and unusual events give it unimaginable beauty ....i go by the rule that write something worth reading or do something worth writing....this gives colour and meaning to the inherently meaningless life ....
    All your memories had some aspect of a child's character like curiosity , playful and at times irritative behaviour , affection towards the caretaker , jealousy , fear , appreciation of beauty and so on.......lovely narrative ....was a refreshing read....

    This post reminds me of jim henson who said ---
    “The most sophisticated people I
    know - inside they are all children. ”

    1. yea..may be because i had put all my effort to copy my memory regarding the wooden scale here,indeed the most touching one for me.:(

    2. You are from which batch ?


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