Jun 9, 2012


The very first thing which pops in to my mind regarding a summer vacation is about the delicious and lip smacking mangoes….

When I was young, we kids used to go to backyard with grandma..for a MANGO HUNT..and return with baskets full of mangoes..Some of my little cousins who attempted to climb up the tree will be shot with ant bites and were seen dancing down..!!!:-D ..Pity on those ants as they all will be murdered..We then rush to mom with pleasing eyes to get those mangoes sliced!!!…and pick them one by one … squirt the juice in mouth which will ran down the chin and hands…mmmm….yummmmy…
It seems like some of my genes are mutated to mango addiction!!!

Because of this cravingness once I had missed some worms in it..which I noticed only little later…This created an aversion for mangoes and decided not to have it any more…But …I couldn’t be like that …and was waiting for the next mango season..!!!even now I couldn’t bear anyone having mangoes in front of me letting my mouth empty….
my younger sis created this pic in ms paint...
Again a mango season passed…leaving some mango memories pickled out…!!!:):)


  1. Sruthi , u really are wonderful at writing. It was a wonderful experienced reading ur whole yummyness, And yes, it truely was. I felt like i was inside ur head, viewing ur memmories, while enjoying them as if having those juicy mangoes.

  2. And dat ws really yummy dear...:-)

  3. Genes mutated to mango addiction ???? In Xmen parlance , u should be named Mangeto ( not Magneto ) ....wondering whether u satisfy ur senses with Slice and Maaza every off season...now don't mind that....it was actually a soothing and delicious read....and u stimulated my taste buds with the juice that runs down chin and arms...good work....


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