Feb 18, 2012


The day was extremely “terrifical”.I was much bored and seemed to be tired out of everything. I just want to take my mind out to some entertainings. So I thought of watching a film. Mind it…that it should be a happily ending one, coz I don’t want to drown in their worries too…I was little confused to select a film. My friend was so kind to lend her laptop and suggested to watch Ramona and Beezus.Think she diagnosed my problem.
Then I started watching that film, OMG !...it was awesome and I have never seen such a cute,innocent film ever before. I was thinking why I dint before... :(

The film RAMONA AND BEEZUS, directed by Elizabeth Allen, is all about the adventures of young Ramona Quimby(casted by a newcomer Joey King) and her big sister Beezus(casted by Selena Gomez) .The film is based on the book by Beverly Cleary.The film started as a narration and is all about 9 year old little girl with blue eyes , Ramona. She is actually the second child born to quimby family out of their 3 children. Her acts when dad is home and when the report card is about to open are my favorite scenes. Her teacher, Ms.Meecham used to complain that she spells incorrectly , for that Ramona responds like “She can’t tell kids not to invent words. She is not the president of the world”...The words terrifical, funner were invented by Ramona the great!!. But used to think like everybody loves Beezus and nobody likes her.
The film is not like a fairy tale or princess stories.It is a kind of extraction from the day to day life. Ramona lives in the real world, her family is not wealthy. When she hears her dad worry about the bank taking the house, she imagines her home actually being lifted up by an enormous crane and crated away on a truck.The arguments of their parents have made serious impact on these sisters.

Tears had rolled at some point of the film..when she left home. I couldn’t resist making a note for the director, for making such a film, managing it and making it feel as effortless and natural . ..She had spotted every little thing that kids hang on..The girl had love for everyone and everything.We will understand that when we see how much she sobbed on her kitty "picky picky’s” departure.The film sends a positive message about love and innocence.,and also about the relation between parents,teachers and kids.We wont be thinking how much these kids are worrying for silly things..and some scenes seemed to be adapted from my life .Actually I was sad thinking how much these little fights matter my sissies..:(.

Between,the director had also included the budding love between Beezus and her friend, Henry, and that between Ramona’s Aunt Bea and the Quimbys’ next-door neighbor, Hobart.All these made the film very light and full of life. Little princess Joey King is absolutely superb,and has moulded accordingly to the character, which provided a real touch for the film.We couldn’t believe that she is pretending or acting but, it seemed like she is herself only.
And finally, I should have to say that I simply love this film very much..and the Quimby family too.

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