Mar 23, 2013

6WS (3)

     Get Your Laces Tied & Hang Out...

(image taken from internet)
These words are meant to memorize the small picnic i had with my friends last week.The trip was a bit adventurous, and we had all the fun there.All the cameras that clicked, all the faces that laughed, screamed and all the routes we cleared were simply awesome.   

                                                             Just six words about last week.
Does this look like fun? Now try to sum up your week in just 6 words and play along.Click on the button below and check out other six word saturday too :)

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  1. I had some shoes very like those. Loved them. Happy weekend.

  2. Cool shoes! :)

    Happy Saturday!

  3. It is healthy & fun to do things like this!

  4. and then boots are hung up...

  5. I feel I should spend this Saturday hunting for a pair of shoes like these :)

  6. Wow,so much in so few words!! that's one cute pair of shoes :)


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