Feb 3, 2013

How my blog!!??

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I am dreamy girl that I will be too busy to day dream and usually too tired at night to wish on the stars.It was my habit to experiment on newer things and to collect cute lovely stuffs .I had collected so many pieces of memories and thoughts of mine in my memory box that I have created out of my craziness.As it is a mere card board box well covered , where I preserved all my birth day gifts, herbarium, stamp books, autographs ,diaries and some letters from grandfather ,it had almost over flooded and weighs more than me. So I have to find out some other place to keep these stuffs safe because each and everything in it have life ,I believe.

 When Saga??!!

It was a late spring season. May flowers had blossomed everywhere. I was at home, indeed a small period of vacation after some exams. As I can’t sit jobless for a moment I was consistently searching for some idea and it was then I came to know a new word “blog”.

How Saga??!!

Sooner I googled and learned about blogging. Some of my friend’s advices were also worthy and I found it a perfect place to store my memories , thoughts and dreams. An extended electronic version of my life could be a better idea than a cardboard box which can’t hold much of a girl’s life. So, my blog was born, to explore within and to make my every moment evergreen.

Why Saga??!!
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 During the making of a blogger account, I was asked to give a name for it. I started thinking and thinking, searched my memory box for a special name as I don’t want it to be an innominate. I didn’t find a name of my interest and thought process continued. Sooner, due to some unconscious inspiration, a name “ Saga” came to my mind.
To my interest I got to read a Scandinavian myth about Saga also. It was like:
"Saga is the all-knowing goddess, seeing all things that pass and have passed. As such, she is often referred to as the goddess of history, as well as the goddess of poetry. Her name means "omniscience" or "seeress", and this name has come to be applied to those greatest of epic tales. Saga lives at Sinking Beach, in her hall Sokkuabekk, where every day she drinks of golden cups with her father Odin."
This piece of fact seemed very interesting and sounded like the name of my blog because my blog always emphasized on the history of my life or in other words story of a man making.Thus “the Saga…”
was registered.

To sum up,

Thank you for your patient reading.Have a nice time..:)
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  1. Hey guys,
    Wanted to share some stuff with you. I used Vistaprint for some embroidered t-shirts with logo. Damn impressed. Check it out if you can.

  2. liked ur credit attribution for the pics :)..

    post is always cute (btwn)


  3. Beautiful post Sruti :)

    Thanks for sharing your experience of how you started a blog. And bingo!! I am a daydreamer too!

    I loved your sign, can you please tell me which font you used to create it?

    1. Thank you so much for that pretty comment Valli.:)Happy to know that you are of my kind,that we are day dreamers ;):)
      I used the font "Sacramento" for my signature...you could also try it..:)
      Keep commenting also,bcoz i love them.;)

  4. Hi Sruthi Haridas, Its nice to know about ur blog. Join the club I am also a day dreamer ;) and awesome blog, happy blogging.

    1. Oh!!..wow..:)so the circle expanded.:);)thank you for that comment Suni.Happy blogging for you too.


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