Dec 26, 2015

"Sailing away from the safe harbor"

# Dec 16, 2015 # Calicut medical college # nostalgic # 

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After spending 6 calendar years in and around the CMC campus, now its time to bid farewell, thus sailing away from the safest harbor. Another milestone has been set up - we the 53rd batch CMCians were graduated. Though it’s a dream fulfilled, it’s hard to believe that we are leaving, praying for another comeback. CMC is going to be one of the best campuses ever as we all have left our innocence, smiles, prayers, sacrifices here, leaving with some human values. We were taught that doctors are next to God, and the transition from a student to a better personality is indeed a great achievement. Being alumni now, what I need to add up is - Enjoy the CMC from the roots to top, gain knowledge which is important and small fights are inevitable too. Never lose your heart, say no to grudge or ego or whatever. CMC is here to mould you, just let life go as it is..:) Best wishes..

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childhood picture

Being in the moment I awaited since I have dreamt about this, I would like to extend my hearty thanks to Him,the Almighty, my beloved parents who supported and encouraged through out, and to my kiddo sisters who cared so much than I did, fiancee who entered some six months back and made those tough internship days adventurous ,all the teachers who taught me from KGs to college, friends & relatives,...Last but not least, thanking all those patients who had more patience and gave us space to learn..and all the faces who played a part in the making of memories.

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And now, when I have those beautiful letters (Dr) infront of my name,though its unbelievable right now, yours prayers made it.
Just as this degree is not a termination but a commencement, I promise all my Best I can..
Thanking you all...
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Apr 16, 2015

"I cant go on, I'll go on"

Paul Kalanithi with his daughter (image taken from here)

 Few weeks back, I heard about a young talented Neurosurgeon who was taken away by a metastatic lung cancer. He was a good writer and I happened to read his essays and blog. Being in one of the country where there is scarcity of resources, I know it’s not a big deal when one dies out of infection, malignancies or whatever. We could only blame our fate.

But, here is a man from Stanford University, who gave a live telecast of his life through the terminal illness, till his last breath - Paul Kalanithi. So I would like to share his blog here. I felt little pain after going through his essays. Being a doctor knowing everything from the pathology of disease process to the prognosis in every stage, he would have been in great trouble. Old proverb reminds, a little knowledge is dangerous; very true.

During the course of study, and till now, I have observed many people with terminal illness both in medical college and family and what I got to know is that, patients well literate who had various options to explore and know about the disease succumbs to the terminal illnesses sooner when compared to the illiterate people who are never bothered about it. Psychological factor plays a great role.  

And here, Paul Kalanithi was so brave enough to deal with his illness and went through it, shared his experiences rather than finding his dark lonely corner, accepting the reality, raising all his doubts about existence to the readers making us feel his pain. After reading his essays, "Before I go" , "How long have I got left?" I could only empathize and now I know the importance of palliative care in the field of medicine.
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Oct 12, 2014

If I were ... ♥

If I were her twin

Image from Google images
From a single womb,
to grow every day together,
to be all the ages with you
troubling every now and then.

Like a mirror in front,
When all the 'I' and 'You' are 'Ours'
Doubling the joys and dividing the blues,
My sister you are, indeed the bestie.

Twenty fingers to tickle,
four arms to hug tight,
twin bodies with a single soul,
we will have 'us'.

To whisper or blabber out,
to spill the beans, to argue,
you are never alone,because
just another 'you' are here.

Together, to dream for the stars,
make footprints and pass milestones
specially crafted in His hands,
as a lively shadows,unique and gifted.

I wish, If I were your 'Twin'...

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PS : Dedicated to my best friend Ammu who has been playing the roles of sister and brother, guide, critic and at other times like a clown to make me laugh when I am mood off. We had dreamed several times that if we were twins, and when I got the prompt "If I were..", I have no doubt about what to choose.:)  I am lucky, I have the world's best "friend".

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Oct 8, 2014

the black cat

image taken from google images

When eyes were just shut
being blind, in the darkest,
a moving black shadow.

Turned my blind eye,
to the witches in disguise.
It was not mere dream.

Wild noises, bright eyes
neither slept nor awake,
heart squeezed out every now.

My breath counts, who was
that to follow me, night mares.
Fearful indeed, groans !

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Oct 4, 2014

Oct 3, 2014

fragrances of life

NaBloPoMo October- 3rd at blogher
Which smell lets you know that it is autumn?
image taken from here

Sometimes just a smell can give us memories and reminders. A few of us might have really felt this too. Autumn spread out from late September, October and early November months, we Indians have our festive time; Mahanavami, Bakrid and Diwali.

The season is mixed up with lot of fragrances. Muddy lands have dried up and no more smell of wet soil. The fallen red leaves have a kind of odor that diffuses in autumnal breeze. Thus the season is in our breath. Just take one whiff and relax...
image taken from here

Perfumed festivals: Air of prayers and sacred scents are there around. The main source of those good smells, irrespective of festive, is from the great corner of our houses- the Kitchen.!!! From roasted and fried veggies during pooja holidays; spicy and flavored non- vegan dishes during Id to sweet scents of laddoos and jalebis of Diwali, mouth watering indeed. I could start shipping in the mouth.!!!  
image taken from here

When you smell crackles or burnt wicks, Diwali is on your doorstep, which is more a festival of lights. Incredible...
To my surprise, I haven’t noticed yet that autumn has got these much fragrances. I was wondering, where I was during these days. I haven’t enjoyed the days like this, knowing its essence and aromas.

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the Song of Fall

NaBloPoMo October - 2nd  at blogher
Winter and summer are two seasons that have songs clearly associated with the time period. But are there any songs that remind you of fall?

"Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they are falling like they are falling in love with the ground"
 -Andrea Gibson

After the long heavy rains, it comes the autumn, swiping off its footprints. All the land and air dried up. It’s heading towards the end of the year or to a cold shivery winter. Above we see dry floating clouds often shedding few drops during nights. Days being hot and dry but nights are chilling. Trees are bare, shedding all the leaves, making a pavement for the new season. It apparently looks like melancholy everywhere, but they know there is a spring in the ebb and flow of life. Though it can’t escape out of this, they make golden savings for a wonderful time ahead.

There are many songs that remind me about a fall, fall in the sense of autumn of our lives. The one that first comes in mind is Coldplay's Paradise because autumn is just like a girl who dreams of spring and always like to fly away. She does not recognize that  it is the heaven on earth,where the land is covered with gold and magenta as if nature has laid a red carpet. So just remove the preoccupations and lets move on...

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